Sunday, 4 September 2011

Trendy Salwar Kameez for Urban Girls to Looks Sensuous

Salwar kameez is one pf the modern dress that urban girls use to wear when going out. Rural girls also wear salwar, but those are less trendy & more of stereo type. But today's fashion designers are very much aware of today's girly trends. Girls love to show off their figure, give a little more oomph factor to their clothes, more boldness & more revealing.
Most of the teen age girls has a typical mindset that whatever is going on their favorite TV Serials, they have to look like that, if not what their favorite Movie actress wear...

With low neck salwars, girls have the opportunity to reveal their figure a bit, but with much decency...With designer work & embodies all over the salwar's body, a perfect salwar kameez makes a girl really happy...

The salwar below & the last one @the bottom are very simple & has minimal design. With orange as the main color on the body, it suites both dark & fair complexions.

The last one has buttons on the top, giving a chance to the girl to create a sensuality factor by unbuttoning few...



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