Sunday, 4 September 2011

Indian Fashion Trends: How to Look Seductive in Saree

What do you think you should wear to captivate a man by your looks? Is it a small piece of skirt? or even lesser than that? Well It's a fact that Indian boys do love small clothes, but most of them just to ogle at it, they never want the same (ogling) for his girl by others, so they never insist their girl to wear a seductive or revealing cloth.The real fact is, as India is still very conservative regarding dress of a girl, so girls has very little chance to reveal & when they do!! Boys usually keep ogling at her, make her uncomfortable. Personally I don't think wearing a revealing dress is a crime, but the girl must have the courage to face the consequence. As I'm visiting one of the India's biggest Mall very frequently, I have seen many girl's try to show off their awesome figure, when a boy ogled at her, she felt uncomfortable, it's a bad sign! I don't figure it out, why?, in the month of December, a girl is wearing a low neck dress & short skirt, it's much easy to say, she's wearing it to show off! Now to whom, in a mall? I guess, the answer is BOYS!!! If not girls! So when any boys look at her, she was like, 'These Boys are so bad!' But think this way! Do You Really Need a Small Revealing Dress???

The answer is NO!! First of all, you are not in Bollywood, In movies wearing a short dress is normal, but it's not same here in the real world. Even the trend has change in last 3-4 years, most of the heroins have chosen Saree as one of their best way to show off & Trigger the heat into a boy's heart!

Forget Kim Sharma, I hardly seen her in full covered dress, she always wear short pant & tops, where is she now!! Who Knows...Now try to recall Katrina Kaif In 'Singh is King' the song,'Teri ore' she was just stunning!!! No matter its a boy or girl, everyone were spellbound by this Anglo-Indian Beauty...did she reveal all? No, she just did the right amount of it. I just love Celina Jaitley's fashion fundas, she may not be a hugely popular actress in Bollywood, but her way to carry a saree its just awesome, In the early day's she used to wear mini-skirts, micro mini & other tempted clothes, but as a true Indian she realized few years back, what a real Indian man's not small provocative dresses, but the right amount of oomph factor, for that saree is one of the best option.

Use the right amount of makeup, wear right amount of dress, be neat in your lip gloss, eye shades & other important areas & bingo! Be a true beauty! but just not to trigger a man.



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