Sunday, 4 September 2011

Indian Fashion Trends: How To Buy A Lipstick-A BEAUTY GUIDE

How to Buy a Lipstick:

Here is a tutorial how to buy a Lipstick your your lovely Lips.

a) Go to a store that sells reputed brands, preferably a shopping mall or such, bottom-line is they must carry a wide range of products & shades.
b) Make sure you have already decided a shade (say, Brown), that will help you not to get confused by so many shades. Once you have decided the mother shade, it'll be lot more easier for you.

c) Once you have sorted out few shades, open one and lift it up till your mouth. See if it suits your face complexion. Avoid using the same on lips, hands and palms. The reason for this is they are very unhygienic.
d) Check out the colors in natural light, in artificial lights you can't figure out the real color. So make sure to check it under sunlight.
e) Before buying one, check out the ingredients, sometimes they may carry harmful objects, just don't flow with the brand name.
f) Either go for the long lasting once, or shiny once, choice is yours.
g) Suitable Colors: Maroon, Pink shades: Blue, Pink, and White.
Reddish-Brown: Black, Green or Yellow.


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