Sunday, 4 September 2011

Girls Makeup Tips for Rainy Season & Winter

Girls Makeup Tips for Rainy Season & Winter:

Romance! & Love! are Synonymous to Rain! With each drop of rain it ignites the love & passion within Lovers. Taking care of Your looks is as important as looking good itself, so here comes the step by step guide for makeup. From skin cleansing to complete self grooming & taking good care of Your skin..

Here are 10 Quick Tips of Make up for Girls:

1. Cleansing- Wash your face thoroughly.
2. Toning- With rose water.
3. Moisturizing- Cream.
4. Foundation- Skin tone.
5. Powder- Compact/white.
6. Lip-liner- First apply to upper lip in 'V' shape then downwards & for lower lip sides 1st, then in between.
7. Lipstick- Apply downwards.
8. Eye shadow- Inwards to outwards.
9. Eye Liner- Till tip of ur eyes.
10. Blusher- From cheek bone to the temples.

# To identify blush area keep your face fully down for few mins & lift, the light red area you notice is exact place to apply it.

# To hide double chin blush under chin.

# For nail growth- massage nails with olive oil n always file them, not forget clean nails r healthy nails.

# Apply cream on hands & legs in winter then wait for 10mins apply sunscreen lotion & you are ready to go out.

# Always wash face before going to sleep with face wash then apply cream & lip balm.

# For wrinkle-free & soft hands wash them while sleeping & apply moisturizing cream thoroughly.

# Brown, grey, beige & earth color lipsticks make u look dull so go for colors like maroon, red,etc.

# Dark shades makes your lips look smaller & light gives a wider look.

# To give full impression of your lips shape & size apply lip-liner properly.

# Facial once a month to keep it glowing but remember too often wrinkles your face.

# Manicure & pedicure are a must in rainy season.

These were some beneficial things one must keep in mind for long lasting-beautiful effects...


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