Saturday, 10 September 2011

Top Ten Countries For Beautiful Women

Every country will have its share of good looking and not so good looking men and women – sure. And beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so it is very hard if not impossible to come up with a sweeping statement of beautiful people without leaving out someone’s idea of beauty – sure.

Ok – now that the PC sh*te is out of the way, there are definitely countries where there just seems to be a better looking woman at every turn. And this list gives ten of them – who gets your vote?

1. Brazil

Brazil is home to some of the hottest women in South America, though it is a very close call with Argentina and Columbia. Seems like South America may have something in the water, and one walk down the beaches of Rio will show definitively that nobody fills a bikini as well as a Brazilian.

2. South Korea

Asia has no shortage of beautiful women, though they may get no cuter than in South Korea.

3. Hungary

Eastern European countries are popular on this list, and Hungary sits at the crossroads of them all. All the best traits of Eastern European women mix perfectly and find just the right balance in Hungary.

4. Sweden

Swedish girls are pretty. They’re gorgeous. They’re sexy. Tall, blond and blue-eyed– the quintessential archetype for the beautiful woman. And the best places to find hot sexy Swedish girls are the Spain and Greek islands, where so many hot Scandinavian girls go for holidays.

5. India

India has a deep, intricate and storied history, and women of legendary beauty are certainly a part of that. There’s just something about Indian women that’s fascinating. Long silky dark hair, big beautiful eyes, lovely brown skin and curvy feminine features.

6. Israel

Israel has some of the best looking women in the world. The green eyes and olive skin give an amazing exotic, Mediterranean look that just smolders. And these are strong ladies – in Israel women over the age of 18 are required to have been in the military, which means that you had better be nice to your Israeli girlfriend or she may very well kick your ass, while equipped with an Uzi. But hey, some guys might like that….

7. Italy

Italian women are some of the most beautiful and strongest willed in the world.

8. Czech Republic

Czech women have got to be some of the sexiest specimen on our planet. Top models seem to come from the Czech Republic like wildfire these days. And anyone who’s taken even a leisurely stroll through Prague would have to be blind not to have noticed.

9. South Africa

There are few places where you’ll see such a wide variety of beautiful women that’ll suite anyone’s particular fancy – South Africa is one of them. With an incredible cultural background of Dutch, English, African and French bloodlines flowing through the country’s population, one result has been a bevy of tall, strong women of all colours, who are strikingly beautiful and confident.

10. Spain

Women in Spain are absolutely gorgeous. However, it depends on your preference. Ladies in Spain tend to have dark hair, brown eyes, olive skin.


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