Saturday, 20 August 2011

First class superheros fashion photoshots | First Class photoshots by Clarence Paul Canlas | photography by Clarence Paul Canlas

first class by clarence paul

Stereotyping in the fashion industry is a very futile path to success, especially when photography and styling is concerned. Just how you can’t style an evening gown in a ballroom and expect it to be the talk of the town.
But then there’s another breed of conventional viewpoint that cannot be overlooked.
And that is a boy’s obsession with superheroes.
Whether you watched Superman on repeat as a 5-year-old, or now as an adult, you still own underwear stamped with the Superman logo. This childhood fascination is challenging to curb, and is adeptly verified in this editorial photographed by Clarence Paul Canlas.

First Class by Clarence Paul Canlas


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